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I had an aunt’s funeral and a nephew’s graduation all in one day.  WOW, what a range of emotions.  This aunt was my mom’s sister.  She passed away from lung cancer.  My mom helped take care of another sister who passed away from lung cancer in 2000.  And she then took care of my dad who passed away from lung cancer in 2010.

My mom has been here for me when I was flat on my back for five weeks at a time.  She came everyday.  She heard me say that if I took the whole bottle of pain pills maybe the pain would go away.  That scared her.  Part of it was the meds talking, but part of it really was me.

People get daily aches and pains.  That is like having your stove burner turned to low.  People get migraines.  That is like having the burner turned to medium.  People get RA flares and Sciatic shoots.  That is like having the burner turned to high.  When my Sciatic nerve was the worst, it was like laying in water and getting electrocuted and being in a fire at the same time.  There are no words to adequately describe it.  You don’t know that pain until you go through it yourself.

When people ask me how I am, I tell them good.  Those that have known some pain ask me how I really am.  I know they really want to know!




evry day new day

Start off today without remembering yesterday’s pain. Start off fresh with hopes that today will be good. Take a deep breath and start going, after you have had your coffee, of course.