I’m Still Here


flare bingo

I found this on the internet, hee hee!

It has been awhile since I have posted.  I can’t say that I have been really busy.  I went to the doctor after I had gotten another steroid shot in my back.  It did not work, so he gave me a nerve pill (Gabapentin).  Boy, what a trip that was.  I got very sad and cried all day.  I think I took the medicine for two weeks until I read the side effects on the internet.  One of them was depression.  I have been sad before, but not VERY sad.  I can see why some people commit suicide.  Pain will mess with your head, but pain and meds, that is a whole new ballgame!

The meds are out of my system now.  I am back to my silly self again.  I still have the pain, but would much rather have it than the other.  It is supposed to rain most of the week here, with some very bad storms.  I really can tell it in my hands (RA).  Last night my foot was really aching, not just the toes, but my whole foot!

Oh well, at least I can walk.  For that I am very thankful!!


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